February 2020 Newsletter

  • How to maximize your RRSPs!

  • New Employee Handbook to make your job easier

  • Benefits Plan changes

  • Employee First - Quarterly Challenge: Get it right? WIN $!


Want more money? Your final chance to contribute to your Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) each year is before December 31st – we match your contribution by February 28th each year! Learn more here and contact us at today to find out how!

Employee Handbook

Did you know that we give you money for travel? Or that we’ll pay for education and training to help get you to the next level? You would know that if you read our new Employee Handbook.


Your safety is our top priority! Read about how your commitment to M&L’s safety program makes us one of the best employer’s in the industry. Plus a reminder of the essential equipment you need to have with you on-site each day.

Employee Benefits

Your employee benefits plan changed in 2019. To learn more about these changes, and why they were necessary, follow this link to read the story.

Employee First

Employee First Quarterly Challenge: answer the question in this link for a chance to win a $100 prepaid credit card! Click this link to answer the question.