Safety on the jobsite



At M&L safety is not optional.

All M&L workers are instructed in, and provided with, written procedures and supplementary instructions as necessary to minimize accidents. If any worker has any concerns regarding the health or safety of a work process, they are encouraged and directed to consult with their immediate supervisor for additional instructions. Furthermore, workers have the right and responsibility to refuse to work until they believe they have the proper training to do the job safely.

Workers are put through an orientation process that includes equipment and site safety and receive a handbook that includes the workplace expectations and occupational health and safety policies and procedures discussed in the orientation session.

When a worker is assigned to a new job he/she will participate in a job specific orientation session that includes site specific safety issues and the location of the first aid attendant, safety manuals and material safety data sheets that outline specific hazards and safety procedures for handling individual products. Weekly toolbox meetings are held to review specific safety issues to ensure that workers are reminded of important procedures.

Workers must report to the jobsite with personal protective equipment (including hardhat, safety footwear, protective goggles, safety belts and lifeline etc.) that is appropriate to the specific project and must take the necessary precautions to avoid exposure to unsafe conditions or actions.

Each day an assessment of the work to be done is performed. An assessment of potential hazards is completed including, but not limited to, falling hazards, safe use of equipment and product related hazards. Protection against identified hazards is implemented depending upon the identified hazards. The hazard assessment process includes a written report.

Workers who operate equipment and work above grade are required to have appropriate training and fall protection plans in place before commencing work.

Workers are required to know and comply with the company’s safe work procedures and emergency procedures and to report all accidents, injuries, illnesses and near misses to their foreman.

This excerpt from our handbook says it well:


Safety is not something you can take or leave.

It is not an activity in which one participates only when one is being watched or supervised.

Safety is not posters, slogans or rules, nor is it movies, meetings, investigations or inspections.

It is the awareness of one’s environment and actions all day, every day.

Safety is knowing what is going on, knowing what can injure anyone or anything,

knowing how to prevent injury and acting to prevent it.


If you have further questions concerning our safety policies and procedures, please contact our office.